About James

James is a singer-songwriter in the tradition established by the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Influences of rock, blues, reggae, and soul weave throughout James’ songs and the covers he loves to share.


James has lived in northern New England since 2004 in a nice little house on a knoll, not far from a beautiful brook that whispers lyrics. He performs in the Upper Valley region of NH-VT as a solo artist and often with friends.


James started writing songs while living in NYC. He first performed at the Chamleon where the Anti-folk scene in the East Village was getting its legs before moving to the Sidewalk Cafe. He performed at the open mic, started writing songs, and found he didn’t suck. Lach gave him his first gig and now he has a website :^P


James has and continues to play with many friends including the ones listed here in no particular order.

John Foster – steady drummer. John hit the road playing drums with his first band at 16. He went on to work in Nashville gigging and doing session work. Somehow he’s found himself up in New Hampshire gigging and recording with friends. John also plays in the band Fu’Chunk.

Jim Musty – guitarist. A legend in and around the Upper Valley of NH-VT. Jazz, Blues, Country, Funk, you name it. Besides operating his Fender, he is sometimes seen operating heavy earth-moving equipment.

Don Sinclair – bass. Half of Don & Jenn, fun-loving music makers. Don also plays mandolin and guitar and teaches those instruments. A pro for many years.

Scott Paulson – bass. Scott is a professional musician from Bethel Vermont. His company Island Time Steel Drums has been providing party music for New Englanders for years. He also plays bass for the band Fu’Chunk.


Tuck Stocking – multi instrumentalist. Tuck is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He’s worked as studio and touring musician in a wide variety of genres. He plays and teaches music at Tuck’s Rock Dojo in Etna, NH.